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Exposition à la galerie ArtCad
The Art'Cad Gallery is located in the heart of the Village Handsome Cadouin, it faces the prestigious Abbey. Art'Cad hosting this year 32 local and regional artists on a surface of 250m2.
Exposure 2014
Now and all summer long!
Exposure 2013
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The modest furnishings, which once gave a charm to our parents’ or our grandparents’ homes as they attempted to imitate prestigious styles, are no longer in fashion. And now, instead they are being dumped or sold extremely cheap.

However, my ambition is to create contemporary hybrid objects using some of this furniture. These chimeras will rejuvenate the glamour of the furnishings by proudly displaying their disparate aesthetic and accentuating their rich mix.

ZYGOT'O design

Zygot'o design à Aubusson chez Sophlore. Bijoux Zyg'Bi
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